Again for the 2018 season the Central California Amateur Softball Association will be using an online insurance/registration program for all Recreation League players.

To have better accountability of each teams staff we will be registering only Players through this program. All adult team staff must be registered through their respective league on Please click to get directions on how to proceed with this process.

By using this program we will be better able to control insurance costs and will result in your League or Organization getting insurance/registration information in a more timely manner. One representative from each League or Organization will input their information for players and staff personal.

You Must first obtain a login user name and password before you can access the online program. To obtain your username and password please click here to complete the online form.

Please note that all user passwords from 2017 have been deleted and you must obtain a new one for the 2018 season.

Once you have gotten you user name and password please click here to print a copy of the directions.

Prior to starting the insurance/registration process, all participants must be assigned to a team. Although we only do individual insurance/registration all participants must be assigned to a team in order to start this process.

If you wish to submit your registrations via an Excel spreadsheet we now have the ability to do this for you. You MUST use this Excel spread sheet prior to you submitting ANY registrations. Please click here for more information.

To insure/register your participants in this program you need the following information. Please remember that this program will only be able to insure/register players. To insure/register the rest of your team staff you need to go to this link.

First and Last Name
Address, City and Zip Code
Date of Birth

Once you have all this information and have printed the instructions, please click here to proceed.

For any general insurance questions please contact your County JO Administration. Contact information can be found on the Central California web site under the Contacts heading.

For any technical questions regarding the Insurance/Registration program you can email us at